tofu files

good morning! this morning i woke up and did a “waking up” meditation, if you will, via headspace (my fav meditation app). and i’ve got to say… it was a nice way to awaken! the meditation itself was a visualization when you recall a time that you were heated by the sun and in an open space, so i imagined myself at the beach on january 18, because that was the day it was a record-breaking 76F in san francisco and char, gary, and i went to the beach. that was a good day.

view of the golden gate bridge is nice at the beach
gary assessing whether he has made a new friend?! (spoiler: it was not to be)

anyway, perhaps the universe continues to turn in my favor as i’ve continued to have a little more time to think, and thus, cook ~creatively~ aka more in tune with what i want! i do think exercising has helped too. i took like seven days off and i lost my appetite a bit, anyway… it’s back! we’re back! swag.

so the other night i was in the mood for a chicken substitute, but vegan! and i essentially googled tofu fried chicken or something, and came across this recipe for fried tofu bites, and i thought they looked so much like chick-fil-a nuggets (which i haven’t had in years, but ate all the time when i was younger), that i had to try them!

here’s some photos!:

but the flavor wasn’t quite there… i wanted more something. that being said, i did use it in a taco that i made yesterday, and it was a REALLY good taco!

for the taco, i first made a slightly modified recipe of everything alex cook’s kimchi soft scrambled eggs (recipe here) which was a nice single egg with a couple of spoonfuls of kimchi, and then removed from the pan. then melted miyoko’s vegan pepperjack shredded cheese (so good!!!) on a soft tortilla shell, and added the little tofu bites on top and covered it to let it everything melt together for a few minutes (the cheese doesn’t melt that well but i’m cool with that). then i removed it from heat and added lots of cilantro and some romaine lettuce. this was an amalgamation of many things to say the least, but it’s basically stuff i had in the fridge so i made it work. and of course i topped it with cholula. i will probably make this again for lunch today…

an amalgamation of things = work lunch taco

and now what i REALLY want to make soon is this tofu karaage recipe by lรฉgumes all day: here. judging by the ingredients, it would be a real one-up on the fried tofu bites that consisted solely of: nutritional yeast, soy sauce, olive oil, and spices. it’s not that it was bad, i just wanted more flavor and didn’t know how to get there! so tofu karaage will be coming at me (us?) soon.

so those are my cooking adventures as of late, i’ve also got to say… when i went to trader joe’s last weekend, i bought a box of ice cream sandwiches… and they are all i think about. i want one now! addicting, one might say. veryyyy addicting… my sister texted me this morning to say she just picked some up from the store — presumably because i won’t shut up about them. they are such a delight. ok, enough about trader joe’s ice cream sandwiches. but first i will show you a photo…

over-edited photo of trader joe’s ice cream sammies

welp, it’s friday. we worked hard to get here. i cannot waitttt til i finish the work day today. might make some herbal tea with kava, this one actually ~ and read some glennon doyle. i just started reading her book, untamed. have you read it? happy friday to all and to all a good day!

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