about cooking with leeks

cooking with leeks is my blog (katie harrill). i live in austin, tx, with my husband charlie and dog gary. they’re the cutest:

char n gary ~ beach day sept 2020

i work in tech! i’ve worked from home for ~5 years and in that time i’ve begun cooking WAY more and enjoy finding new ways to eat vegetables n other good stuff.

ok so cooking with leeks, the blog name, because i was once intimidated by leeks. now i view them as a kitchen staple. they were once the wildest vegetables i had ever seen when i was younger. no one cooked with them, so i didn’t cook with them until i was probably… older i honestly don’t know, but those fibrous tops proved to be a halting point for me. i find this same process applies to not only food, but so many parts of life.

i’m developing my own food philosophy, and i guess this is my process of doing that and trying to not die in the many ways america tries to kill us (high fat, low nutrient foods that give us cancer and a host of other ailments on fleek). my first counterstrike to the american diet is that everyone needs to at least eat one big servings of greens a day. salad, steamed or sautéed greens, whatever. eat more greens, eat less fake processed foods – the kind that makes you feel like shit.

anyway thanks for reading to this point. if you don’t like and comment on all my posts then i’ll consider that as not having read through this entire post, so you won’t even get to this cute photo of me. goodbye~