about cooking with leeks

cooking with leeks is my blog (katie harrill). i live in austin, tx, with my husband charlie and dog gary. they’re the cutest. i’ve worked in tech since 2014 and before that i had the most random jobs. i’ve always loved cooking, especially eating, and that’s what led me here. i want to share the joy of cooking good food for yourself with easy recipes that are affordable and don’t take long to prepare. i also write about random stuff, wherever my mood takes me.

my goal with this blog is to make vegetables accessible with easy recipes that maximize a vegetable’s natural synergy with other vegetables. as in, the two vegetables together are more delicious than the one vegetable by itself. but it’s not all vegetables – they just serve as a starting point for me because i’m always trying to eat more vegetables! and so many vegetables are done an extreme disservice. for example, i grew up being force-fed boiled-from-frozen brussels sprouts with no seasoning – disgusting! but now we all know brussels sprouts are actually dope when prepared correctly. that kind of thing.

char n gary ~ beach day in SF ~ sept 2020

ok so cooking with leeks, the blog name, is because i was once intimidated by leeks. now i view them as a kitchen staple. they were the wildest vegetables i had ever seen when i was younger. no one cooked with them, so i didn’t cook with them until i was way older! and one day i just thought, i’m going to cook with leeks! and i did! and i loved them.