about cooking with leeks

hi, i’m katie harrill. i live in austin, tx, with my husband, charlie and dog, gary. they’re the cutest. i’ve worked in tech for nearly a decade.

my goal with this page is to make plant-based eating more accessible and to cook food that maximizes a plant’s natural synergy. so many plant foods are done an extreme disservice. for example, i grew up eating boiled-from-frozen brussels sprouts with no seasoning. but, now we all know brussels sprouts are actually transcendent when prepared correctly. that kind of thing.

the name is cooking with leeks – because i was once intimidated by leeks. now i view them as a kitchen staple. i didn’t cook with leeks until i was much older and just getting into cooking! one day i thought: i’m going to cook with leeks! i conquered the produce aisle, grabbed a leek, watched a youtube video on how to prep them, and i did! this, in my opinion, relates to how i used to feel about cooking in general – i was always intimidated by it, but i realized once you dive in you’re going to probably make something that’s pretty tasty! i hope to inspire others to do the same.