about cooking with leeks

My name is Katie. I’m based in Oakland, CA. I live with my husband, Charlie, and my dog, Gary. They’re the best. 

I will document recipes and notes about cooking and life in general here. I hope that you enjoy, and always feel free to share your own wisdom with me. I am always learning, especially when it comes to food!

The truth of the matter is that I started cooking when I went to college, and had to start cooking for myself. I started out with processed foods, Kraft Mac n Cheese and Sloppy Joes from a box. With time, I’ve found my happy place. I now love to cook with local, organic, plant-based foods. I am a huge fan of Michael Pollan, Tamar Adler, and Alice Waters, and their writing has contributed to my food philosophy immensely. I love that the idea of food is so simple, and I’ve taken that simplicity and applied it to the preparation of my food. 

I started this blog a couple of years ago, because I loved cooking. Then I realized I didn’t have any recipes!!  So I took a brief hiatus, and thus the name of my Instagram handle and blog name was born — cookingwithleeks. That’s because I was once intimidated by leeks, that which now I view as a kitchen staple, and I hope to inspire you to conquer your kitchen fears. Maybe you’re fine with leeks, but those fibrous tops proved to be a halting point for me. I never touched them because I didn’t realize what was inside. The same is really true for a lot of veggies and fruits. It makes you wonder who the first person to think that thing up was, like coconuts. Who the heck cracked into that first one, and was thinking, my god… COCONUT MILK. I digress. 

Since then, I’ve been reading, cooking, learning about food, including its politics, and developing my own food philosophy. Ultimately, I wish to share the idea that healthy food is good. Not just good, but AMAZING, and it’s not difficult. It’s better than anything you can buy at a fast-food restaurant, but it’s so often misunderstood and deemed as too difficult or expensive to attempt in our fast-paced culture. So, this is my journey through how I’ve addressed these issues in my own life (hint: it involves a salad a day). I hope you enjoy my musings on food and life.