nasty little meals

omg life has been so busy lately. char and i moved and are selling our old place and we have boxes everywhere in our new place! YIKES. but we are now completely out of the old one and it’s been staged LOL. it looks so funny all empty and staged. anyway, just finished gardening the patio at the old place and gave away my mini meyer lemon tree and lemon verbena plant :(to our neighbor-friend), and i trimmed back the bushes and tried to make the patio look… respectful. and now it’s ready to list! doing the gardening gave me EXTREME allergies so i had to take a shower and now i’m hoping for the best.

but back to the food. SO . i started ordering hello fresh for dinners. a friend of mine mentioned she’d been using their service. i used it years ago, and always felt pleasantly surprised by the flavors and meal selection. fast forward to current day, and i am now obsessed. i stayed up way too late last night picking out my meal selection for the next two weeks. sun-dried tomato spaghetti, one-pan cheesy black bean tacos with poblano and smoky red pepper cream, honey roasted carrot farro & kale salad, hoisin honey chicken with greens beans and jasmine rice, for example – and everything takes less than 30 mins to prepare wowww. by the way, this is not an AD let’s be real i am not that popular… it’s just made my dinner life so easy 😂

and it rules because it typically consists of: protein, vegetables, and carbs with seasonings and a sauce. what’s not to love?? for example: tonight i made spinach and ricotta filled ravioli with a sauce of zucchini, tomatoes, scallions, sour cream, lemon juice, vegetable stock, and pasta water. it was topped with scallion greens, lemon zest, and more salt. i wasn’t that excited about it but when i started cooking it i felt that it would be good. and it was!

vegetables + carbs + seasonings + sauce
the ravioli, with char moving stuff in the background lol

we also had mushroom and caramelized onion quesadillas with a mixed green and apple salad and sweet tofu rice bowls with green beans this week. i feel like i am living the life. but i do miss the farmer’s market and i hope to get back to that soon.

other than hello fresh, i have been struggling to feel inspired for cooking and haven’t been eating anything good. as evidenced by this title, i’ve been cooking nasty little meals. on accident! i did make tamar adler’s recipe for salsa verde which is good on some fresh bread. but not feeling inspired otherwise. once things settle i will be in a more creative mindset i hope, but for now… have to get the shit done that i have to get done, and i will celebrate hello fresh! and life! and having finally moved! cheers to the freaking weekend too!

feel free to drop delicious yet easy summer recipes! ❤

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