reading recommendations

i love: tamar adler, samin nosrat (oakland!), alice waters (berkeley!), and michael pollan (berkeley!). just got excited because they’re all close by, except tamar who resides in hudson, ny. i wish i would see michael pollan so i could be like wow drugs, you know? and he would be like yes i’ve written several books on them. side note: i once saw samin in oakland! with her pup fava, that is how i knew it was for sure her. i am not a stalker i just love their food philosophies. here is what i love by them and what has formed so much of what i believe when it comes to food:

tamar adler – an everlasting meal, a book about cooking and food and cooking with economy and grace (as the title states), recipes for NYT cooking! amazing podcast called food actually that pushkin pods cancelled and i’m still BITTER about it! wtf?? big food probably called and cancelled it honestly. DJT himself. it was that good!!

samin nosrat – salt, fat, acid, heat – the cookbook AND the show on netflix! recipes for NYT cooking too!

alice waters – go eat at her restaurant, chez panisse (in berkeley), for seasonal, local, thoughtful food! alice also gives back to the east bay community ~ with the edible schoolyard project.

michael pollan – literally any of his books will rock your world about various topics, ranging from food and plants to hallucinogens, which took me back to my college days at clemson university. read: food rules for a quick (it takes literally an hour to read the whole thing) tutorial on eating views from around the world. read botany of desire for more info than you ever knew you wanted to know (srsly) on the tulip, marijuana, the apple, and the potato. we humans are weird as hell folks. it helps to maintain my theory that humans are the actual aliens on this earth. and last, and the least related to foodhow to change your mind for the 4-1-1 on hallucinogens and just what the fuck is going on there. you will have a lot of new facts to impress your friends, i swear.