slightly changed

i wrote yesterday about not feeling like cooking, but now i’m feeling back in the mood for it… slightly. it may have something to do with the fact that it feels like that ‘unhealthy’ air quality will be in the past within the next few days. and yesterday, i even set some cooking plans into motion.

i cleaned and washed a couple bunches of kale, so i’ll be ready for a quick nutrient blast to any dish. for lunch yesterday, i sautéed it with some garlic and lemon juice, added it to some farro and baked tempeh (recipe here), and served it with a whole-grain mustard vinaigrette. i did a bad job of complimenting flavors — it was still edible, but it could have been much better if i had used a better sauce instead of that vinaigrette. i was skeptical even as i added it. the tempeh itself was marinated in soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar, maple syrup, sriracha, and olive oil… and is SO good. it was just fine with the farro and kale, but the vinaigrette really did not mesh. noted!

i also currently have sweet and brown rice soaking, à la amy chaplin’s mastermind. i really want to make her parsley brown rice salad for lunch today! i have made it once a week for the past three weeks. it has a surprisingly umami flavor that somehow reminds me of sushi, that i am HERE FOR. all that i need to prep once the rice is cooked and cooled, is to chop the parsley, scallions, and cucumber, and halve the cherry tomatoes. i’ve already got the sesame seeds toasted! gah, i’m getting excited already!

all the ingredients ready to be combined for the masterful parsley brown rice salad
you can almost taste the health

speaking of recipes, i am ~still~ planning to make this quinoa with roasted summer vegetables and harissa marinade, yet another recipe by amy chaplin (recipe here). i’ve had the ingredients sitting around for over a week, so i’d say they’re [almost] past their prime and i need to cook them asap! please send encouragement. lately after work i just want to relax and not cook. funnily enough, if it’s the morning and i have work to do… all i want to do is cook! procrastination cooking! or maybe it’s the coffee?

let me know what kind of stuff you are cooking up this week or if you’ve been out of the mood for cooking, perhaps? enjoy the week ahead! 3 days til the weekend!

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