german chocolate cake fact

the smoke finally cleared up! i have never been so grateful for fresh air. after work yesterday, char and i went straight to the beach with gary. it was so much fun. a seal popped its head out several times to say hello!

gary and char playing in the water, 9/15/20
seal head, 9/15/20

i made vegan mac n cheese last night once we arrived home. i added seaweed, coconut aminos, sriracha, and toasted sesame seeds to the cashew cream + sautéed onions. i used alexis weibel’s recipe for NYT cooking: linked here, and i modified it from there!

on a somewhat unrelated note, our neighbor dropped off some german chocolate cake for us! i am very pleased about having fun sweets around the house, and i’ve found that it’s just perfect reheated a bit in the microwave — so easy and so good. apparently, german chocolate cake is not german. but the last name of the recipe developer is german. so that’s why it’s named german chocolate cake — think about that and share it far and wide that sam german invented the german chocolate cake in 1852! love to see it.

not sure what i’ll be cooking up today. i may attempt some banana bread. yesterday i made french toast with the sesame-spelt bread for breakfast, and i whipped up a quick bowl of farro, sautéed kale, toasted seaweed and toasted sesame seeds with baked tempeh for lunch. i made a sauce of kewpie mayo, rice vinegar, sriracha, and coconut aminos to pair with the farro bowl. i’ve been really into this flavor combo if you couldn’t tell! 🙂 probably something else like that for breakfast and lunch today!

farro bowl, 9/14/20

happy hump day and happy eating!

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