cooking on wednesday

the spelt-sesame no-knead bread went great! it fermented overnight monday. tuesday morning i popped it into the oven after a 1-hour rise. (i wrote a bit more about it in my blog post yesterday). it turned out better than expected. i hadn’t worked with a dough like that before, and i was worried since it wasn’t very dough-like and instead resembled a bubbly pancake batter. but it worked. adding the cooked sweet and brown rice gave it an element of moisture that is just so good (and so filling!). the recipe i used is slightly different than the one Amy Chaplin has on her blog, but they’re really similar. the blog recipe is here.

spelt-sesame no-knead bread

i topped it with almond butter and sliced figs. today i’m planning to try out a sliced avocado with some lemon zest and flax seed oil, and of course a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. they’re too pretty not to add to everything!

spelt bread with almond butter, figs, and toasted sesame seeds (not very photogenic i’ll admit)

lunch yesterday was leftover parsley and brown rice salad with dijon-marinated tempeh. it was still just as refreshing as it was on monday.

after work, Char, Gary (my dog), and I went over to crissy field beach in san francisco because it’s gary’s favorite place in the world. this put us home a little late, but it was fine because for dinner, i used up a bunch of leftovers in the fridge. all that i had to do was clean the chard greens & steam them, and then dinner was ready! i combined the steamed chard with leftovers: farro, dijon-marinated tempeh, toasted sesame seeds, miso-ginger sauce, and a block of marinated goat cheese. quick, healthy, and delicious! Gary even loved the steamed chard (especially the bits with some cheese on them).

quickest dinner!

i really want to make any chaplin’s spelt almond waffles this weekend since it’s a 3-day weekend for us, so i did a quick google search for best rated waffle makers in 2020 and i went with this tiny little guy here. only $10! makes tiny waffles! is tiny itself! yay!

today the game plan is to have the spelt-sesame bread toasted and topped with avo or almond butter for breakfast. i will probably have the brown rice and parsley salad with tempeh again for lunch — the last of it πŸ˜₯ , and then for dinner… i am hoping to finally make this stir-fried shiitake, fried tofu, and green bean recipe from Vegan for Everybody by America’s Test Kitchen. we’ll see! it is very tempting to just steam greens and throw them with some leftovers for dinner, but i also have some shiitakes and green beans that need to be cooked up!

let me know what you been cooking this week! might i recommend some no-knead bread of your own (super simple recipe here), if you get it going this morning, you’ll have it by dinner tonight. then you can top it with leftover odds and ends and have a very happy day where everybody wins.

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