cooking on tuesday

ok! yesterday i laid out my plans for the week. and i have capitalized on them so far, including the sesame no-knead bread, which is currently in the oven and was so fun to make! right after i finished work yesterday, i mixed together the flours, cornmeal, dry yeast, salt, and water… and this morning it was bubbling up thanks to its overnight fermentation! i added unhulled sesame seeds and the sweet and brown rice, and used my hands to evenly distribute. i then added it to a loaf pan coated with unrefined sesame oil, and topped it with more sesame seeds. i let it rise for an hour while i went on a run! when i came back it had probably doubled in size, which i was very excited to see! and now i can’t wait to see the final product. fingers crossed it turns out! here’s what it looked like before the oven:

sesame no-knead bread

i also cooked the brown and sweet rice yesterday. it is super sticky and has a really mellow but inviting flavor. i used it as the base for a parsley and brown rice salad which i made yesterday. it included ume and brown rice vinegars (ume vinegar is such a gorgeous color!), tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, black & unhulled sesame seeds, and a little soy sauce. it was SO fresh and tasty:

brown rice and parsley salad

i topped it with the dijon mustard marinated tempeh. photo pre-baking:

tempeh ready to bake

today i’m planning to eat the sesame no-knead bread topped with some fruits and nut butter. for lunch i will likely eat the parsley and brown rice salad leftovers topped with mozzarella, feta, or tempeh (tbd!). then for dinner perhaps i’ll sautΓ© either collard greens or chard, mainly because they’re taking up SO much space in the fridge, and i’ll top them with either a miso-ginger sauce or a tangy hemp seed dressing and add in some of the baked tempeh for a more complete meal, and serve it all over brown and sweet rice.

now i’ve gotta get to work. have a great tuesday, and let me know if you’re cooking up anything fun today!

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