cooking: day two of weekly plan

went to crissy field beach in san francisco after work yesterday with char n gary. hardly any traffic across the bay bridge from oakland! as we pulled into the presidio, a blanket of fog enveloped the entire area. the temperature dropped to around 62 degrees F, and the wind was in full force. it was such a nice reprieve from the heat wave that had entered the bay area awareness over the past few days. char and gary played fetch for a while. i think gary is getting into stellar athletic dog-shape. i also saw a seal! and i have the video to prove it. we finally left the beach and i was frozen, and the fog was so heavy it felt surreal, in a cool way from the too-hot days.

gary loves digging and covering himself in as much sand as possible

when we got home from the beach, i wanted to get started cooking so we could have dinner and i would have food for the rest of the week. i started cooking brown and sweet rice, from amy chaplin’s cookbook. i also now have some tempeh in the fridge marinating with a dijon mustard & apple juice marinade, which i’ll cook up today or tomorrow. while the rice cooked, i sliced some sungold cherry tomatoes and a cucumber, and for dinner we had the brown rice parsley salad with seeds, also from amy chaplin’s cookbook. and last but not least, i mixed the flour, cornmeal, salt, dry yeast, and water so they could begin fermenting overnight for the sesame-spelt bread. now, i will be able to cook it this morning using some of the leftover brown and sweet rice. the dough just needs to be mixed with the brown and sweet rice, followed by a quick rise, and then it will be ready for the oven!

tomatoes, scallions, parsley, cucumber — being prepped for the parsley brown rice salad ~ recipe by amy chaplin
spelt flour, cornmeal, salt, yeast, and water for sesame-spelt bread!

earlier yesterday i also made minimalist baker’s cake bites! it was such a simple process. i will write about them in a post soon! suffice to say, they were super good and char plopped several in his mouth when he discovered them in the fridge, and he was like, ‘what the heck are these man.’ healthy little bites of deliciousness! it’s amazing when you think of the possibility of these little ‘cake bites.’ they’re essentially little balls that are held together using natural sweeteners (like dates) and other foods high in antioxidants and healthy fats (like coconut flakes, walnuts, peanut butter, cacao or cocoa powder, etc.) !!

the vanilla cake bites ~ recipe from minimalist baker

so, anyway… this cooking week is off to a good start. we almost did get takeout after the beach though, but decided not to carry out (pun intended … sorry)! i have way too much produce that needs to be cooked to justify eating out, and i’m pleased that i’m now more prepared for the rest of the week: leftover rice, soon-to-be bread, baked tempeh, leftover parsley and brown rice salad! yay!

have you been cooking at home or eating out this week / today / yesterday? i’m always happy when i decide to cook at home, though it is sooo easy to be persuaded for a fun takeout meal. 🙂

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