weekly cooking plans

i spent some time flipping through cookbooks and pulling up saved recipes online. i think i’ve come to the final conclusion of what i plan to make for the week. i had to nail it (mostly) down because it’s grocery store day! so here we go!:

9/8 – 9/12

to make:

  • almond spelt waffles
  • almond milk
  • pasta with kale, onions, and goat cheese
  • parsley brown rice salad with seeds
  • spelt-sesame bread
  • quinoa congee (maybe)
  • dijon-marinated tempeh
  • sweet and brown rice
  • quinoa with roasted summer vegetables and harissa marinade
  • no bake vanilla cake bites

all of these recipes, with the exception of the last item, are from amy chaplin’s cookbook, at home in the whole food kitchen. the goal is to make everything, but life often dictates changes so my cooking plans don’t always pan out. these are the meals i have all the ingredients for though!

the plan for this list is to be able to eat lots of leftovers and have snacks and easy additions to meals already cooked so i can make quick work lunches during the day! i have a feeling i am really going to love these no bake vanilla cake bites. i’m excited to make them!

the dijon-marinated tempeh will be a topper for anything made with the sweet and brown rice (for example: the parsley brown rice salad with seeds!). the bread will work as a base for breakfasts, and last week i ended up making french toast with it, which was SO good!

here are some photos of how last week’s planning panned out:

wish me luck on another successful cooking week! what do you have planned for the week — cooking or otherwise?

2 thoughts on “weekly cooking plans

  1. The cake bites look wonderful!! I’m going to try them too. I love dates.

    I just read a small book on crepes and will try an appetizer tomorrow when I have a friend over for wine. Marscapone, prosciutto, and asparagus in a crepe with a Creme fraiche sauce with capers and tarragon.

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  2. i made the cake bites today!! char gobbled three up post haste! they were super easy to make and they are super filling and healthy! yayyy!

    the book on crepes sounds SO cool! you definitely know how to have a friend over for wine, if you ask me!


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