gochujang tofu and miso broccoli over rice

ok i will admit, i was out of eggs but wanted a ‘protein’ for my rice bowl. so, enter tofu that had been sitting in the fridge anxiously awaiting its moment in the prime time (aka my… lunch?). inspired by recent events (eric kim’s gochujang caramel cookies – which i have yet to bake but i will soon), i decided to use a gochujang glaze with the tofu. i also low key loooove broccoli, but wanted a little extra flavor on it for this rice bowl, and i just so happened to have purchased some yellow miso. so… we got what we need. a little protein, a little veg, and a lot of rice. another admission is that i don’t simply ~know~ how to make miso broccoli or gochujang tofu, so i googled it and these recipes came up. and now i’m going to share them with you in case you also don’t simply ~know~ how to make them!

so here’s the basic assembly and the recipes i used as the base for my bowl:

  1. spicy gochujang sesame tofu: https://christieathome.com/blog/spicy-gochujang-sesame-tofu/#recipe
  2. eating well miso glazed broccoli: https://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/7881578/ginger-miso-glazed-broccoli/
  3. jasmine rice, cooked
  4. lemon juice, for serving
  5. scallions, sliced avocado, and more sesame seeds, for garnish/serving

so this is how the rice bowl with miso broccoli and gochujang tofu came to be. let me know if you make it, i simply loved it and woud eat it again in a second! but alas i am now out of tofu and broccoli. until next time.

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