end of september

i made an excellent rice bowl for breakfast yesterday, and may do so again today. i already had cooked rice in the fridge, so i reheated that with a little soy sauce. i then sautéed some kale and fried an egg. i added toasted sesame seeds and kimchi to the bowl, and then topped everything with kewpie mayo and coconut aminos! it was honestly a treat, and i always feel good about getting a serving of leafy greens in for breakfast! it feels sneaky.

rice, kale, fried egg, kimchi, kewpie mayo, sriracha

for lunch, i reheated some rice and beans. it was plain and simple, but it filled me up, which is what i needed. char and i ordered takeout burritos (i got a tofu burrito!) for dinner, and watched the debate. what a disaster. i thought biden did a great job, and i like him even more now. trump didn’t surprise me at all, he acted exactly like he has for the past four years — a large child with a temper who is disconnected from reality.

changing gears here, but folks. the end of september is here, and with that… i’ll be reassessing how i post on here. my goal for the month of september was to post once a day, every day this month. and it’s been so enjoyable for me to think of new topics, interact with y’all about food, and have a new insight into my own cooking methodology! thank you all so much for reading and following along.

for the next days and even weeks, i’ll reassess the cadence of how often i post and what topics i focus on. i’ve loved getting into the habit of writing about food daily. if you have any feedback, i’d love to hear it! happy eating! 🙂

One thought on “end of september

  1. Gosh I’ve been happy reading your food thoughts every day. They have given me inspiration. I hope you will continue to post your insights, if not every day, certainly as the inspiration draws you in. You have an avid reader in me.


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