here i am again

ate a burrito last night, and watched kansas city vs. ravens. mahomes is so. damn. good. i have leftover rice and beans to eat for lunch today. i’ll definitely sauté a green and serve on top of them heated, with a sauce – tbd.

rice, beans, crispy kale, roasted seaweed, toasted sesame seeds, kimchi, kewpie mayo based sauce ~

this stuff with donald trump has to stop, and we have the power to make a difference, even if it’s donating $5. i can’t believe we even have to donate to freaking politics, but right now it feels worth it.

donate to joe biden’s campaign:

donate to jaime harrison’s campaign, he’s running for senator to beat lindsey graham:

i just donated. we must stop these GOP sycophants from taking office, and these key races will make a huge difference.

trump is a conman, tax fraud, money laundering piece of $70,000 hair.

help donate to key races to get these conmen GOP out of office.


2 thoughts on “here i am again

  1. don’t forget about the beer. we had delicious beer from original pattern. they even let me pick it up from the tap room after they had already closed. bless them.

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