soaking beans and rice

happy new week! a lot of people hate mondays (and if i could choose, i would have the weekend last forever), but i like to view mondays as an opportunity for anything can happen. it’s a fresh start! a time to set priorities, and then follow through on your goals.

i will admit that i did zero food planning over the weekend. usually i find a few recipes that i think will fit into my schedule for the week, and procure the ingredients so i’m all set. this past weekend, though, i had different plans! on saturday char, gary, and i went on a 2.5-mile run, followed by a 5-mile hike around redwood regional park. afterwards, we were exhausted, so no food planning.

on sunday, we spent the day at ocean beach in san francisco. it was lovely. the waves were crashing all around us, and it was a spectacular day to lay out in the sun. when we returned home from the beach, we were yet again exhausted, so no food planning.

last night as i realized that i may have almost zero time during my work day to do any cooking at all, i decided to get some beans and rice soaking. all i’ll need to do is set them on the stove tomorrow and let them do their thing. then i’ll be able to serve them up with some items i still have lingering around in the fridge from last week, including collard greens, kale, arugula, onions, mushrooms, salsa, tofu, eggs, and more! i love a simple bowl of rice and beans with some greens, kimchi, and a fun sauce!

soaking beans

the moral of this story is: when in doubt, soak some beans and rice. that way, you’ll have the basis for a great many meals already prepared! let me know if you have any fun cooking plans this week!

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