cashews are magic / burrito friday

happy friday, party people! i can’t believe it’s that time again. time simply slips right through my fingers lately. on thursday i lived a life of leftovers, and i am feeling pretty good about having had everything prepped and easy to access.

i don’t know why, but i sort of switched the order of breakfast and lunch. for breakfast, i had the leftovers from quinoa with roasted vegetables and harissa. leftover banana bread for lunch, and i must add that the flavor reminded me of banana pudding! which i’ve so been wanting to make lately, with the nilla wafers and all… though i’d be down to find a healthier vegan version! oh this vegan banana pudding (recipe here) looks like it would fit the bill. as someone who cooks with a lot of cashews in place of heavy cream and other creamy elements, i love that the cooking technique in the recipe linked above has you pulse the cashews and chia seeds in the food processor with the nut milk to make it easier for them to absorb liquid, and then let them sit to soak and become softer before processing again for longer. that is a great idea!

for additional information on why this works… cashews can be used to replace creamy elements in recipes that would typically be cheese or heavy cream, like in mac n cheese or in pudding! i even blend them with water to make cashew cream, which can be used to thicken the sauce in a dish just like heavy cream does!

cashews + water
the magic of cashews (cashew cream)

i always have some cashews around because i can use them for a lot of recipes! but often you’ll want to soak them for a bit to soften them up before using them, so that recipe finds a way to achieve maximum creaminess without soaking the cashews beforehand. love it!

anyway, got off track there! dinner was a farro bowl with sautéed kale and green onions, baked tempeh, toasted sesame seeds, and a sauce of kewpie mayo, coconut aminos, rice vinegar, and sriracha. i am obsessed with that combo of ingredients for the sauce!

i have no cooking plans for today! we will see where the day and my hunger takes me. for dinner i do plan to get burritos from belly! i love the veggie burrito, but i recently discovered you can just sub tofu for the meat in any burrito, so i’m planning to try a couple of different combos. i am not lying when i say i’ve been eating that veggie burrito once a week for probably a year. i love it.

my most recent cali burrito (sub steak for tofu)

what are your weekend plans? do you have any restaurants where you get the same exact thing for takeout every damn time?

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