spelt waffles

spelt waffles! for breakfast! i have some leftover spelt flour from the sesame-spelt bread i made this past week, and i want to use it up on some waffles!

i wrote about this amazing impulse purchase a couple of days ago — the tiny waffle iron — it has arrived and it’s SO cute. i obviously have to make waffles to kick off the long weekend and celebrate its arrival.

tiny waffle iron

i’m not sure what recipe to use, i think i want to keep it healthy-ish with some added nutrients, maybe these: https://www.simplysissom.com/belgianspeltwaffles/ or these: https://www.leighannlindsey.com/vegan-spelt-cocoa-waffles/.

we went to crissy field beach yesterday after work and here’s a photo of me and my dog-son:

gary n moi

we grabbed takeout for dinner from a mexican restaurant nearby on fillmore st. called tacko, and it was one of the best fish tacos i’ve ever had. honestly, probably THE BEST.

if you’ve got any cooking plans this weekend or are doing anything fun, i’d love to hear about it! bon appétit ~ carpe diem

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