nettle leaf tonic

i love herbal teas. it makes sense to me to drink an herbal tonic for its health benefits and for a nice change-up to the ole water routine. i have been having a cup of nettle leaf every day lately. it’s a very gentle herb, so for most people, it’s fine to consume daily, and has a host of health benefits, which i touch on at the end of this post. i like to start the day with coffee, but after my first cup, i switch to an herbal tea… either chamomile or nettle leaf.

i read a book called body into balance about herbs a couple of years ago, and nettle leaf is one of the herbs i started drinking more regularly after being educated on it. though i often go long periods of time without drinking it, i’m back on a kick right now, and i’m thoroughly enjoying it.

i have been using the traditional medicinals brand in a tea bag recently, but you can find it in many herbal or tea sections in the loose leaf form. i have found tea bags to be easier lately, but i love loose leaf teas too.

i made a cup last night but left it steeping in the fridge overnight because i didn’t get around to drinking it. i’m happy with my decision because it’s perfectly chilled to balance the warm summer weather (HEAT WAVE) in the bay area, and the longer it soaks, the more nutrients are absorbed.

chilled nettle leaf infusion

nettle is a highly nutritious tonic — it has a highly bioavailable form of bone-building calcium, especially when steeped for longer periods of time (like a day). in contrast, dairy products are often touted as high sources of calcium, but they don’t have an easily absorbable calcium – because other compounds in the food blocks the absorption. nettle also has significant doses of magnesium, potassium, and silica. it also support alkalinity in the body because it’s rich in chlorophyll. it supports joints, cardiovascular health, and can be used as an adrenal tonic (to aid in stress). to me, this says: why not? and so, here we are.

i’m curious… what kind of drinks do you like to have on a daily basis? if you don’t respond i will assume you haven’t read this post. (jk, but someone just sent an email at work and signed off like that, which is a pretty tricky/boss move to me.)

3 thoughts on “nettle leaf tonic

  1. Interesting post. I have never considered nettle tea. I like a black tea in the morning. Lately Iโ€™ve been drinking an Earl Grey which is black tea with bergamot. But in the afternoon I switch to mostly green teas. I like several. Green tea flavored with vanilla flowers or jasmine flowers or bergamot are at the top of my list. And for something different, I might try a blue or white tea. Usually I buy teas by Palais des Thes or Mariage Freres. Both brands are superb quality.

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    1. I love the more gentle buzz I get from green and black teas, I need to drink more instead of coffee! Iโ€™ve tried those tea brands at your house, I think, and theyโ€™re both amazing!! ๐Ÿต๐Ÿต


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