breakfast and lunch

i’ve recently found myself out of the mood for cooking, but i have been reading two cookbooks, which are really changing my tune. the first is called vegan for everybody, by america’s test kitchen, which i’ve been using for quick and fresh dinners since last week (i’ll write a post about this later). the next is amy chaplin’s book, at home in the whole foods kitchen, which is my newest obsession.

this week, i finally have some ‘big’ cooking plans (i.e., i’m going to cook!). i’ve been inspired by amy chaplin’s cookbook, and i am planning to make some of her pantry staple recipes this week. i went to the grocery store yesterday and obtained some new ingredients i haven’t used before: ume vinegar, brown rice vinegar, flax seed oil, black sesame seeds, unhulled sesame seeds, sweet rice, and spelt flour.

first up this morning, i’m making sweet and brown rice (more info from her website here). i’m making a double batch so i can eat it all week long. it’s been soaking overnight, so it should be just about ready to cook. from there i’ll have the basis for rice bowls, and this sesame no-knead bread.

for the rice bowls, i have plenty of veg to roast, sauté, or eat raw: broccoli, green onions, carrots, collard greens, chard, arugula, tomatoes. i’m also planning to make dijon-mustard marinated tempeh to add for some extra cals and protein.

for breakfasts this week, i’m planning to eat almond butter and figs or avocado and tomatoes on the sesame no-knead bread. the bread won’t be ready til tomorrow at the earliest, but probably on wednesday. so until then, i’ll eat the granola that i made last week, topped with sliced figs and almond milk, or maybe some more chocolate oats (recipe here) topped with sliced figs and coconut flakes, which is pictured in this post.

hope you have a lovely week of eating planned out! let me know what you’re planning to make!

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  1. I find reading cookbooks to be inspiring too. Yesterday I made Tangerine Dust. It’s a recipe from a book I’m currently reading called La Buvette by Camille Fourmont & Kate Leahy. La Buvette means refreshment stand, bar, in English and it is located in Paris. Quite interesting. Basically, I used a vegetable peeler to remove the orange skin of the tangerines and baked them on a non-stick mat at 170 degrees for almost 2 hours. I turned off the oven and left them in there for a few more hours. I then put them in a small food processor and ground them until I had a dust. This is a terrific topping for any dairy product. I used it on my yogurt and loved the flavor. The cookbook recommends a salad of burrata with a drizzle of olive oil, some flaky sea salt and a topping of the Dust!

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