chamomile is the best herbal tea

i have to share info about chamomile tea with you guys. it is the most gentle, effective herb for improving overall wellbeing, that i’ve had. the effects are very subtle, just like the flavor of chamomile. it aids in soothing our adrenal glands, which affects our metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, response to stress and other essential functions… which is why i love brewing local loose leaf chamomile. some of my favorite brands are: one that i buy from a lil farm (radical family farms), traditional medicinals organic chamomile (NOT the lavender-chamomile one, i don’t like that as much!), and yerba buena chamomile (this one is at the sf ferry building farmer’s market!).

chamomile ready to go

i try to drink at least a cup a day. i will boil some water whenever i have a minute, then once it’s boiling, add it to the loose herb or a teabag in a mug (or teapot). cover, and let sit until you want to drink it. i love to let mine sit for ~30 minutes because that way it has a higher percentage of chamomile in it, meaning a higher percentage of relaxation and overall wellbeing, directly to the brain.

happy chamomile

to me, it is like meditation in a cup. any time of the day i have it, i immediately feel soothed. without further ado, it’s now time for me to brew some chamomile. if you want to chat about chamomile more, let me know! chamomile + nettle leaf herbal teas i try to drink daily.

2 thoughts on “chamomile is the best herbal tea

  1. I like chamomile tea too. Back in the day, at the end of a party, I would make a pot of chamomile tea for all of my guests. I used a medicinal brand – don’t remember the brand. It was always delicious. And that little cuppa always assured that I would sleep well and awake feeling good. I’m a fan.

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