chocolate chip and pecan cookies

hey y’all! i didn’t do a ton of cooking this week, been living off amy chaplin’s parsley brown rice salad with tempeh and takeout burritos. but… i wanted something sweet, so i googled ‘easy chocolate chip cookies’ and clicked the second hit, entitled “easiest chocolate chip cookies” and the recipe is here. personal tip: whenever you’re feeling lazy but in the mood for a specific treat, just google “easy” in front of whatever you feel like eating, and you’ll likely find a simple and… easy… rendition.

i pulled up the recipe and saw that i had all of the ingredients on hand, so i read through the directions. it did look simple, and it called for only one bowl (my favorite). i was sold. instead of using 1 cup of chocolate chips, i mixed things up a lot (always keep them guessing)… and used 1/2 cup chocolate chips and 1/2 cup pecans. it went well. i don’t know what kind of voodoo these cookies have in them, but somehow undercooking them yields positive, very positive results. and the dough does’t have to chill either! perfect for the last minute cookie monster (me).

cookies fresh outta the oven

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