oakland covid-19 food & restaurant resources

farmer’s market pickup options

  • CUESA farmer’s market is offering curated produce boxes from different vendors
  • Single farmers via CUESA farmer’s market also available on the same page as above, but further down
  • Dirty Girl Produce is offering pickup from several different farmer’s markets and restaurants across the bay area
  • Feed Sonoma is offering curated boxes and other various items for pickup at several locations across the bay area (including MIXT in downtown oakland)

restaurants providing homemade foods and pantry staples

a selection of restaurants offering takeout

  • Belotti fresh italian including homemade pasta dishes, piedmont ave
  • Kansai super affordably-priced and delicious sushi, temescal
  • Aburaya Go japanese fried chicken, 17th street in uptown oak
  • Honor Bar creative speakeasy-style to-go cocktails, gastropub, in emeryville
  • Wood Tavern x Southie californian-inspired menu of sustainable fare, college ave
  • Kon-tiki Oakland tiki bar with surprisingly good food, downtown oak
  • World Famous Hot Boys known for their spicy chicken sandwiches, uptown oak
  • Pizzaiolo wood-fired pizzas & seasonal italian eats, temescal
  • Homeroom mac and cheese place… need i say more? + they’re selling rolls of TP, temescal